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Default On October 1, 1949, the

On October 1, 1949, the establishment of New China made Qian Xuesen, a guest of the United States, tidal. After more than 10 years of hard work, he finally came to the time of serving the motherland. He said to his wife Jiang Ying: "The motherland has been liberated, we should go back." At that time, Qian Xuesen was already a world famous scientist, and his wife Jiang Ying also enjoyed a reputation in the music ind August 1950 Marlboro Cigarettes Price, Qian Xuesen��s family was preparing to leave the United States on a Canadian flight. However, the US Department of Defense detained him through customs at an unwarranted charge Marlboro Red. Later, the US Department of Justice signed an arrest warrant anore than 10 years of working in the United States, Qian Xuesen has made important contributions to the development of American aviation and rocket technology. American columnist Milton Vieste once wrote: "Money is a bright star in the galaxy that helps the United States become the world's first-class military power." Therefore, when he learned that Qian Xuesen was going back to China, the US Department of the Navy The deputy minister immediately called the Ministry of Justice: "Don't let Qian Xuesen return to China anyway, he is too valuable!" "I would rather marry him an Xuesen did not yield. In the days of losing his freedom, he continued his own scientific research on the one hand, insisting on struggle on the one hand Newport Cigarettes Website, and looking for the opportunity to return to China. In May 1955, he saw a report on China's celebration of the May Day Labor Day from overseas Chinese newspapers. Among them, Chen Shutong, who is familiar with his fn to China. He was sent to Jiang Ying��s letter to her sister in Belgium and sent it quietly. On the day of receiving the letter, Chen Shutong sent the letter to Premier Zhou Enlai Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. At that time, China and the United States were holding ambassadorial talks in Geneva. Ambassador Wang Bingnan made representations with the US on the instructions of the Prime Minister. At the beginning, the US did not admit that any Chinese citizen was detained, but when the Ambassador of Wang took out the letter of Qian Xuesen, the US w20 years in the United States, Qian Xuesen has always retained Chinese nationality. He recalled: "I have been in the United States for so long, I have never thought of staying there for the rest of my life. I am justified because of this. Because in the United States, when a person takes part in work, he must always deposit some of his income. The insurance company is ready for use after the old age. I don��t have a dollar, and many people are surprised Newport Cigarettes. It��s not surprising, because I am Chinese and I don��t intend to live in ttember 1955, Qian Xuesen��s family boarded the Cleveland President��s ship and returned home. On the morning after arriving in Beijing, he led the family to Tiananmen Square.esen made a historic contribution. In 1960, under his specific leadership, China successfully developed the first missile. Later, he personally presided over the technical research and experimental work of China's "two bombs combined". In 1966, he successfully launched China's first missile nuclear weapon. In 1965, he proposed to the central government that the time to launch a satellite was mature, and in 1968 he served as the first dean of the Institute of Space Technology. In 1970, China��s first man-made earth satellite was successfully launched, and the new China finally ushered in the dawn of the space age.
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