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Old 05-18-2011, 05:40 AM
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Default Cua Tung Beach , Quang Tri ,Vietnam

Cua Tung Beach , Quang Tri ,Vietnam

Located in the coastal district of Vinh Linh in the central province of Quang Tri (Central Vietnam ) Cua Tung Beach is the nation's "Queen of Beaches", awaking the curiosity of many visitors to come and experience its beauty.
The kilometre-long beach is neither long nor wide, but the water is gentle and clear. Two underground rock formation, Mui Si and Mui Lai, encroach on the sea, creating a small bay sheltering the beach from stronger waves and tides.

The beach is surrounded by a belt of basalt and stone mountains that look like a huge comb passing through the hair of the waves. On the hill, orchards of jackfruit, pineapple, banana and custard-apple grow green.

While the central region is known for its harsh weather, with dry winds from the southwest and major storms from the sea, Cua Tung Beach is protected by Mother Nature, out of wind on most days, with the bay offering safe harbour for fishing boats.

The sea here is so shallow, that people can run about half-a-kilometre from the shore, and the water level only reaches their chest. Nearby Cat Son Village is a short stroll away along the beach. The village has been famous for hundreds of years for its traditional work of fishing, drum-making, carpentry and mother-of-pearl inlay. There, you can dine of cuttlefish, prawns, lobster, butterfish, mackerel, Chinese herring, and other kinds of seafood, cooked in the local manner.

To the south of the beach is the estuary of Ben Hai River. Hien Luong Brigde crosses the river just 10km from Cua Tung Beach. The bridge on the 17th parallel formed the border between North and South Vietnam between 1954 and 1975.

The symbol of separation and loss in wartime is now one of the connection between the two districts of Vinh Linh and Vinh Gio in the province. Boarding a boat at the base of the bridge, travellers can see prosperous rice paddy and bamboo and casuarinas trees along the river banks. The slow rhythm of life, the whisper of wind and rippling water, all bring a feeling of peace.

About 30km offshore from the beach is Con Co Island. The island, with a coastline of about 8km, averages an elevation of 5-30m above sea level. At the centre of the island is a 63m-high mountain. The island held a strategic position during the time of the country's division. The island was isolated from the mainland by heavy winds, but soldiers challenged strong waves and enemy attacks to carry food and weapon to the island.

Lush forests and fruits trees cover the island. The trees on Con Co Island include hardwoods with resin as red as blood. In autumn, the bang (Malabar almond) trees also turn red, making the island even more picturesque.

Since 1989, 4,000 coconut trees, symbolising the 4,000-year history of Vietnam, have been cultivated on the island. It is also the home of a small rattlesnake that is soaked in rice wine to make a medicine for treating backache and other ailments. Black and white sea cucumbers as big as a toe are also found in the surrounding waters and make a good dish that also has medicinal properties.
Source : Vietnam Travel , Du lich Trung Quoc .

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Old 05-12-2017, 06:09 AM
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Cua Tung Beach is a most exciting fun place that you can explore in Vietnam. It is a really great place for adventure lover and where you can enjoy a lot of most fabulous and interesting things like camping, kayaking, sailing and golf surfing. I will love to say all fun and adventure seeker that you should go there once in your future life for fun. I hope you will enjoy there a lot.

My few friends also have a plan to take tour new york to washington dc in coming up days.
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Old 05-19-2017, 04:52 AM
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Well, Buddy seriously i am so glad to know about the Queen of Beaches called Cua Tung Beach.
I could say that you have described its beauty so nicely and i will be there for sure after my boston to niagara falls bus. So do you have some images to show us? i will love to see and will be there for sure.
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